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About Robyn Stewart

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After a long break from clay to explore other creative mediums such as painting and silversmithing, the urge to create with clay became too strong for me to ignore and so, Birdy & Clementine was born.

I find clay to be such an amazing medium for expression. It is a perfect balance between the thinking mind and the expressive mind – science and art working in tandem. Clay is constantly fascinating and often surprising, it is a learning cycle that never ends and offers endless possibilities.

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It is from this perspective that I base my creative processes on. Using predominately hand building techniques, every piece I make is then hand painted with patterns that accentuate its character. Really, each Birdy & Clementine piece is like an abstract piece of art – though the colour palette is preconceived, the patterns are not and the spontaneity of this kind of creation ensures that every piece is unique. I love using gold and platinum as rich highlights to bring out the best of the abstract coloured patterns – another element that adds individuality to each piece.

All of my work is fired a minimum of three times in solar assisted electric kilns. This ensures that it is not only functional and durable, but that it is also energy efficient!

I run Birdy & Clementine from my home studio in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast Queensland. It is nestled in a colourful 80 year old timber house complete with chooks, wildlife, a vege patch and a couple of cats. When I’m not playing with clay (which is often) I’m most likely reading a good book, hanging out with the hubby, eating delicious food (did I mention the hubby is an amazing chef?) or riding my mountain bike on a quiet dirt road.

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